The long run

038162671acb504460943d7b2f925836I was supposed to run 5 miles this morning. I set my alarm and everything – I was actually looking forward to it. But as with most plans, it wasn’t quite meant to be. I had a pretty restless night, waking up sporadically from 4am .. Which wasn’t really conducive to a 6:30 alarm and 5 mile run! Sigh.

I had considered going this evening, but decided against it. I have a long run on Saturday morning, and given that I’m still getting used to running 3-4 times a week alongside my daily cycle commute (without completely nackering my legs) my recovery time is slightly longer than before. I didn’t really want to push my luck with just 1 recovery day (especially as ‘recovery’ still includes 12 or so miles of cycling) before Saturday.

The schedule says 10 miles for Saturday morning – I’m going to play it safe and set a goal of 8, as I know I can at least manage 10k at the moment. What’s 2 more miles, right? Especially with fuel as awesome as this:

p (1)Apple and cinnamon porridge, courtesy of my Graze breakfast boxes! It comes with raisins, honey and chunks of dried apple, and tastes like scotch pancakes .. Heaven!

I’ve decided that rather than forcing in the mileage, I’m going to take this evening to stretch and foam roll, and give my legs a chance to recover properly before I try my long run on Saturday. It’ll be my longest run in a good few months, and I’m a little nervous .. But at least if I go out early enough, it’ll be deserted! (And cool, as opposed to stiflingly hot!)

As for tomorrow, I have a date after work with Mr Darcy (Colin Firth, obviously), parfait, wine and 3 lovely ladies from my office!



And the sunshine continues!

I’m pleased to say that the training is still going strong!

After Saturday’s skating trip, I took it easy on Sunday, but come Monday the 14-mile daily cycling commute started all over again. I have to say, it certainly feels easier in the beautiful sunshine! The Surrey countryside is gorgeous! I’ll have to take some pictures along the route at some point – I keep meaning to, but it’s so easy to forget when you constantly have large vehicles passing you with barely an inch to spare ..

(Swearing at them in response, however, is a great stress reliever! At least, so I’ve been told ..)

Today, I jumped back on the marathon bandwagon and got out for my first (official) training run. The schedule said three miles, but with the weather as beautiful as it is, I made it 3.25. (I had promised my friend we would only run 5k – though she seemed quite pleased when I showed her my sports band at the end! Longest run yet, and at a consistent sub-11 minute pace! You rock!)

Summer running gear makes me happy! This is actually the first time I’ve run outside in a sleeveless running top, and the first time I’ve run my short route in daylight! Winter lasted foreeever last (this?) year!

As the photographic evidence proves, I even foam rolled. It hurt. Cycling has really tightened my calves and quads, and falling out of my running routine has also thrown me off of my stretching/rolling routine. I’m definitely going to have to put aside more time for it each day, even if I’m not necessarily running.

As for the My Fitness Pal app, I’m loving it! I’ve stuck to my 1360 daily calorie goal for three days now. In fact, as it stands I still have 620 left for this evening! Extra snacks for the win!

It’s a great motivator for working out. I got home yesterday evening, and had eaten a bigger lunch than I had planned – I really wanted some chocolate, but didn’t quite have enough calories left for that and my evening meal. So what did I do? I speed-walked up the big hill to Sainsburys to buy said chocolate, burning off the necessary calories in the process (and a little extra. Woo!)

My friends have told me that it isn’t supposed to work that way, and that I’m not meant to burn calories as an excuse to eat more .. But where’s the fun in burning calories, if you don’t get to use it as an excuse to eat more chocolate!?

I don’t understand this dieting malarkey.