Race Review: Richmond Park 10k!

When you try to pose for a nice family photo but your mum has other ideas, your dad’s used to it and your brother isn’t sure whether to laugh or disown her… Love you really, mum!

Last weekend I hopped on a train to Richmond Park, where I met my mum, dad and brother (and uncle!) for one of The Fix Events 10k races. I’d only ever done the Bushy Park series before now, but Richmond was worth the extra travel time – how gorgeous is that park!? It was also really well organised – race number pick-up was at the registration tent right next to the car park, loos, and start/finish.

Logistics aside, this was a really special race for us, as it was the first one my dad had done since his heart surgery the year before last. It would also be his first 10k since the accident – the perfect way to draw a firm line under it all and move forwards.

We Robinsons seem to enjoy egging each other on where running is concerned; my (other) uncle was the first to run a marathon, which made my parents want to do one, then my brother had a go, and then I obviously had to sign up… The rest is history! And it was equally special because my dad was the one to support me around my first ever race, a 10k in Bushy park back in 2012:

My first ever running medal!

Supporting him in return was a real pleasure, and in some ways it felt like we’d come full circle. I don’t usually get emotional over my races, but oh boy, Saturday was an exception.

All ready to go!

After pinning on our numbers, we all made our way over to the start (with my uncle stepping in as our personal race photographer and support crew!). Me, mum and dad decided to start at the back, to make sure that we didn’t get swept up at a faster pace than planned. My brother set off further ahead, as he’s naturally quite a bit faster – and he was waiting with a big smile to cheer us over the line.

We kept it steady, pacing ourselves up the inclines and enjoying the sunshine. Whilst our main goal was to reach the finish line and nab a medal, dad was determined to average sub-12:00/mile. Looking at the splits, we were pretty much bang on for the first half, whilst the second half was a bit more up and down. But even though we stopped for water at 5k, and walked the longer steeper hills, we used the downhills to make up some time – dad even pushed us to a sub-10:00 pace around mile 5! (Steady on…)

Heading for the finish line!

There was a photographer at the 5k mark, and as it was a 2-lap course he managed to snap us on the final straight as well. I think the smiles say it all.

Team Robinson does it again!

The 10k was conquered, with big smiles and a solid 11:54 average. Both goals ticked off, and well deserved medals all round! We were already planning our next races by the time we sat down for lunch 😀

This has to be my favourite moment of the entire YEAR: a Robinson family group hug to celebrate dad’s big milestone. (Thanks for capturing this, Chris!)

No, YOU’VE got something in your eye. Ehem…

– – –

Who else has been racing recently? Anyone tapering for/recovering from a spring marathon? I’m so excited for you all!

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