Dublin Marathon Training: Week 2

Oh man, hasn’t the weather been gorgeous lately!? I mean sure, it’s meant that running has been an absolute struggle, but I have to admit that I’ve reeeally been enjoying the non-running bits 😀

Denbies Vineyard

Now this is the sort of British summer I love!

My 5k on Tuesday was AWFUL. It was 30 degrees, I’d cycled to and from work (marginally less sweltering than sitting in the car!) and I really struggled. I think it’s the first time this year that I’ve actually had to take water with me on such a short run! I ended up taking a couple of breaks in the shade to cool down, and actually walked part of mile 3. Honestly, I nearly regretted getting out there at all.

On the flip side, Sunday was my long run day and I managed the whole 8 miles! I even threw the pacing out the window and hit 9:05 for mile 8. In my defense, it was a lovely long downhill, and would have been a shame to waste it… 😀

Dublin Marathon Training Long Run

A horrendous 5k vs a pretty good long run #1!

Whilst 9:05 is a pretty awesome pace for the end of my longest run since April, the plan was 8 ‘easy’ miles, and for good reason! When training for my previous marathons I’ve always set off too fast on my long runs, and faded massively towards the end – I don’t think I’ve ever run a LSR consistently, or managed a negative split over more than about 10k!

With my marathon pace hopefully around the 10:30 mark, I was aiming for a relaxed 10:40-11:00/mile, and ended up with an average of 10:25 – with only 4 out of 8 miles at my planned pace. Ooops. Granted, this isn’t much of an issue over 8 miles, but I definitely need to work on my pacing before I hit the bigger runs…

Dublin Marathon Training Week 2

Thursday’s cycle commute PB, followed 30 minutes later by a negative-split 5k!

I also focused  a lot more on my crosstraining this week, which is something that I kind of neglected when training for Barcelona. I cycled to work twice (14 mile round trip), and on the second day I actually got a PB – 13.5mph! Not hugely fast by most standards, but 1mph faster than usual 😀 It’s all progress!

I even manned up a little and joined the local tri club for a taster session on Friday. An hour of solid front crawl and stroke drills – the DOMS still haven’t gone away! But it turns out that despite sticking to breaststroke for the past year or so, I haven’t lost all of my swimming fitness – or technique! (Just the stamina. Oh my days, I struggled). I can’t wait to join the club properly and work on my swimming and cycling!

– – –

How do you like to cross train? Is anyone doing the Ride100 this weekend?

– – –

Week 2 summary (weeks to Dublin: 14)

Planned sessions: 3 miles easy + strides / 3 miles steady / 8 miles easy

Sessions completed: 3 miles easy (!) / 3 miles progression / 8 miles steady

Cross training: 28 miles cycling, 1 hour swimming


2 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. My God Tuesday was ridiculous, wasn’t it? I did 5 miles and wanted to give up at precisely mile 2. Horrendous.
    I always find it hard to slow down my long runs. I tend to run most of them at marathon pace which is awful for recovery the next day but I just run and don’t really watch-monitor much and I do feel comfortable (perhaps that implies my MP should be quicker? Either way I just like to run at that speed).

    • It was the toughest 5k ever! And I have exactly the same problem as you with long runs, marathon pace feels good compared to the shorter stuff but it always comes back to bite me once I’m into the 16+ mile runs… Recovery is no joke!

      I guess you just have to judge how much you have left in the tank at the end, and maybe adjust your marathon pace as you progress? It’s so hard to estimate where you’ll be 16 weeks before a marathon, so much can happen in that sort of time! It’s definitely a learning curve…

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