A little wander along the North Devon coast

Last week, I headed back to North Devon to visit my parents for Christmas. And having moved away from the coast a few years back, I obviously insisted on heading out for a beach-based walk 😉

There’s something so lovely about being on the coast outside of the busy summer season, and I definitely took it for granted when I lived there!

Devon Walk 1

We headed out a few days after Christmas to work off some of the holiday indulgence, and the weather was perfect. Cold, sunny, and a bit breezy (becoming VERY breezy by the end as the storm rolled in, but it’s all good fun!)

My parents live just a few miles inland, so the coast path really is right on their doorstep. And the views NEVER get old.

Devon Walk 2

We started at Croyde beach, and walked around the headland to Putsburough and Woolacombe (where I used to surf, back in the day!) and then back along the country lanes to Croyde. It was only 3 miles or so, but it was just what we needed!

Devon Walk 3

It’s easy to overlook walking when focusing on running all the time, but it’s so good for cross training and really works the little stability muscles that I tend to miss out at the gym.

One of my resolutions for 2016 will definitely be to get out on the local trails more – especially living in the middle of the Surrey Hills! (Route recommendations welcome!)

Plus, a decent walk is a great excuse for a pub lunch 😉

– – –

Do you like walking/hiking? What are your favourite places/routes?

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