Barcelona Marathon Training: Week 3/16

After a strong week 2, my body has slammed on the brakes a little, and I’ve had a slightly niggly calf this week. Luckily, it feels like a tight muscle problem (my calves are notoriously bad for this) and nothing too serious, so I’ve eased off on the mileage and upped the stretching and Deep Heat. Thank goodness it was a cut-back week!

Whilst my leg has been in a right old strop, I’ve still managed 2 comfortable runs:

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 9:45. I had to stop and stretch a couple of times, but managed splits of 9:47, 9:36, 10:01 (long uphill), 10:00, 9:58 and 9:11 (biiig downhill).

Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:22. My calf played ball and I pushed for negative splits of 9:25, 9:22 and 9:20. Quite pleased with how consistent they were!

Marathon training is definitely a game of trial and error; of figuring out how far you can push your body before it begins to push back. Whilst the 4 runs might have felt manageable last week, I think the 12 miler (at a much faster pace that it should have been, truth be told) was pushing it a little – and if there’s anything my past 2 marathons have taught me, it’s to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

So I’m heeding the warning signs, and have broken out the foam roller, and booked myself in for a Body Pump class tomorrow to work on my core and leg strength.

Fingers crossed for next week!

– – –

How do you incorporate strength training into your marathon plan? What are your favourite ways to cross-train?

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