Barcelona Marathon Training: Week 4/16

Barcelona Marathon Training Injury

I learned last week that what I thought was a tight calf is actually something slightly more awkward. Thanks to weak ankles, over pronation and an increase in mileage, I overworked a tendon in my leg and have been paying the price for the past week and a half.

Last week’s training, as a result, was pretty minimal:

Tuesday: 5k on the treadmill. 1k warm-up, 3x sprints at 11.5, 12, and 12.5 kph, 1km warm-down.

Friday: Physio appointment! (I had optimistically booked a sports massage, but the leg had other ideas).

I’ve been told to take it easy for another week, and stick to cross training, stability and strength work; as well as keeping my runs short, slow and preferably flat.

It still niggles slightly, but is slowly improving, and I’m excited for my next run – which will be a steady 5k on Christmas Eve! I’ve told James he has to join me. That’s what you get for dating a runner…

Christmas spirit and all that, right? 😉

Fingers crossed that the stability work helps to fix the underlying problem, and will enable me to get back to my training properly after Christmas! I can’t wait to get stuck back in to my long runs and faster 5ks. My friends have set some pretty steep PBs, so I’ve got my work cut out for me!

It’s frustrating to be missing out on my runs, and I feel like my fitness is slipping away (silly really, as it’s been less than a fortnight). But the rest seems to be helping, and there’s no use in throwing myself back into training if it’s just going to cause issues again. I guess. (Grumble!)

Get it together, leg!

– – –

Have you ever had a running injury? How do you keep your spirits up? 

Barcelona Marathon Training: Week 3/16

After a strong week 2, my body has slammed on the brakes a little, and I’ve had a slightly niggly calf this week. Luckily, it feels like a tight muscle problem (my calves are notoriously bad for this) and nothing too serious, so I’ve eased off on the mileage and upped the stretching and Deep Heat. Thank goodness it was a cut-back week!

Whilst my leg has been in a right old strop, I’ve still managed 2 comfortable runs:

Wednesday: 6 miles @ 9:45. I had to stop and stretch a couple of times, but managed splits of 9:47, 9:36, 10:01 (long uphill), 10:00, 9:58 and 9:11 (biiig downhill).

Sunday: 3 miles @ 9:22. My calf played ball and I pushed for negative splits of 9:25, 9:22 and 9:20. Quite pleased with how consistent they were!

Marathon training is definitely a game of trial and error; of figuring out how far you can push your body before it begins to push back. Whilst the 4 runs might have felt manageable last week, I think the 12 miler (at a much faster pace that it should have been, truth be told) was pushing it a little – and if there’s anything my past 2 marathons have taught me, it’s to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

So I’m heeding the warning signs, and have broken out the foam roller, and booked myself in for a Body Pump class tomorrow to work on my core and leg strength.

Fingers crossed for next week!

– – –

How do you incorporate strength training into your marathon plan? What are your favourite ways to cross-train?

A bit of winter running motivation

A few months ago, I signed up to the Runners World daily motivation emails – and there have been a few absolute gems. Unfortunately, I tend to read them and then just store them away; which means that by the time I need a bit of inspiration, I’ve completely forgotten them. So I decided to pull together a few of my favourites, and share them with you!

If – like me – you need a bit of a kick up the bum, a bit of a confidence boost, or just fancy a few happy thoughts for your next training run (especially at this time of year!) then take a read. And if you like these, then I’d definitely recommend signing up to the Runners World ‘Quote of the day’ emails – there’s pleeenty more where these came from 🙂

Running Motivation 1

Running Motivation 3

Running Motivation 4

Running Motivation 2

Running Motivation 5

Running Motivation 7

Running Motivation 6

Running Motivation 8

Running Motivation 10

– – –

How do you motivate yourself to get out there in the cold and the dark? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Barcelona Marathon Training: Week 2/16

I’ve decided to document my marathon training properly this time round, both for accountability and as an easy way to track my progress (or lack thereof, as the case may sometimes be…) And 2 weeks into my Barcelona Marathon training plan, I’m starting to remember why I don’t enter them more often!

Nah, I’m kidding. Sort of.

I’ll tell you what, though – the weather hasn’t helped! I’ve pretty much had a choice of either gale force winds or heavy rain (or yknow, both).

But at least it hasn’t been cold, right? With the exception of Thursday evening, I’ve been out in capris and short sleeves every run! What’s going on, December!?

Barcelona Marathon Training Week 2

Looking like a drowned rat after Thursday’s blustery, rainy gym trip.

For my last 2 marathons, I’ve followed a plan that had me running 3x a week, and it suited me pretty well. But this time round I really want to focus on improving my speed, strength and running efficiency – which means running more often. So this time round, I’m running 4x a week, and one of them is a 5k speed session. Ouch, but effective!

My week 2 looked like this:

Tuesday: 5k @ 9:37. Windy, hard work, heavy legs! Quite a bit slower than planned.

Wednesday: 7 miles @ 9:50, with a strong last mile @ 9:11!

Thursday: 1 mile to the gym, 1 mile on the treadmill, 1hr weights session, 1 mile run home. Windy, wet, and horrible! But I left the Garmin at home, which was quite nice.

Sunday: 12 miles @ 9:55. My Garmin had a bit of a meltdown at mile 10 and made me run an extra .3 (ish) after deleting part of my route, so I’m taking this with a pinch of salt!

Bring it on, week 3!

– – –

How’s your running going? Any events on the horizon?