Barcelona Marathon 2016: The game plan!

Marathon Training Week 0Do you set yourself time goals when training for a marathon?

For my first marathon, I didn’t dare put a time – I didn’t even know if I could manage the distance. I just wanted to run with my parents, raise some money for charity, and cross that finish line. Tick, tick, and triple tick!

For Paris, I tentatively decided that I wanted a PB. I upped the cross training and strength work, stuck to those mid-week runs, and clocked a personal worst on the day. (I might have overlooked the whole speedwork thing!) But on the plus side, it was sunny and beautiful and I enjoyed every mile… So I decided I was happy regardless of the time.

For Barcelona, I’ve finally decided to set myself an actual time goal: 4:59:59.

At the risk of sounding like a loon, my A-goal would be 4h40, though that seems a bit ambitious given my current PB of 5:16. Goal B would be sub-4h50, and Goal C is anything under 5h00.

Whilst I’m still a little bit dubious – 26.2 miles is a long way, and anything can happen – I’m feeling pretty optimistic. I’ve been picking up the pace over the summer, whittling my 5k PB down from 29:59 to 28:52, and I have a 10k PB attempt in a couple of weeks at Bushy Park (sub-60, I’m coming for you!). I just hope that I can hold a faster pace as the miles increase!

It’s worth a try, right!?

I’ll be logging my weekly progress on the blog, so stay tuned 😀

– – –

How do you feel about marathon time goals? Have you hit any new PBs lately?


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