Marshaling at the Bright10 with the BOSH crew!

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The Sector D marshals, ready for duty! (Taken from the Facebook page).

On Sunday, I was up and on the road by 5h13 (yep, such a traumatic experience that I remember the exact time on the clock!) to make my way down to Brighton for the Bright10 road race. But instead of running, this time I donned my BOSH top and a bright pink high vis jacket and experienced things from the other side of the cones – or in this case, in between them!

If you’re going to volunteer at a road race, BOSH are a fab group to do it with. They’re a hugely friendly and supportive bunch, and welcomed me into the fold from the moment I arrived (in the cold and the dark, pre-7am!)

The marshaling itself was fairly straight forward; we were assigned a junction each along the Marine Parade and were instructed to manage the road blocks that were in place. There were a few notable moments – the biggest of which being when the lead runners were almost taken out by a bus! (I can confirm the crisis was narrowly avoided, and the winner finished in an amazing 47:04). There were also a couple of sumo wrestlers, a running minion and an elderly guy in teeny tiny Union Jack shorts and a bright purple wig… Rather you than me, guys!

Whilst we were spaced too far apart to talk to each other, we managed to create a Mexican wave of cheering and support for the runners as they passed, and the atmosphere was brilliant (despite being freezing cold – after 2 hours of standing still, I definitely envied the runners!)

Marshaling at the Bright10 with Bosh

Once we got the nod to leave our posts, we crossed the road and cheered the runners on from above. (We might also have heckled a man who took a not-so-sneaky bathroom break at the side of the course…) 😉 I think we managed to spot almost every Bosher on the course!

I then headed back to the race village, where all of the marshals were given a free cake (sooo good) and I got to have a bit of a chat with some of the other Boshers – in the daylight, this time 🙂

Bosh thank you for marshaling at the Bright10

My thank you note and epic Bosh bag. What a lovely gift!

The marshals were each given a very thoughtful thank you gift – a BOSH bag, which I will definitely be taking to ALL of my races from now on to show it off!

If you want to join a fantastic group of runners of all abilities, ages, backgrounds and from all over the UK, I encourage you to go and join the Facebook page!

Brighton beach after the Bright10

Failed selfie that makes me smile so up it goes!

I spent the afternoon with James (yep, I totally made him get the train down to meet me. But I let him have a lie in, and drove him home, so I feel completely justified!), eating my body weight in sausage and chips and trying to keep myself awake with coffee.

Brighton was stunning, even with the clouds – and sitting on the beach listening to the waves was a perfect end to a brilliant day!

ed DSC_1656

Brighton, you beaut.

Did you run this weekend? How did it go? 🙂

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