10 reasons to love the autumn

Things I love about autumn

I can’t believe that 2015 is whizzing by so fast! We’re already through the summer (sob), and the days are definitely getting shorter and cooler. Whilst I’ll admit that autumn and winter can get a bit grey and gloomy (especially in the UK!), there are still plenty of things that I looove about this time of year.

1. The start of spring marathon training!
Unless you’ve got an autumn marathon in the calendar, this is the beautiful point in the marathon training cycle (i.e. the beginning) when you’re far enough past the last one to have forgotten all of the bad bits, and are excitedly thinking ahead to your next big spring race. It’s a time for writing training plans, working out your time goals, and getting some leisurely base miles in – without having to worry about weekly mileage, mile splits and speed sessions. The real trick is sticking to the plan once it starts… 😉

2. Layers!
Whether it’s lovely wooly tights, scarves, thick socks, jumpers or gloves, I love a cold-weather wardrobe. It’s like a day-long cuddle when you get to snuggle up in some cosy knitwear! I was lucky enough to get a gorgeous Joules scarf from my Gran for my birthday last month, and I’m so happy that it’s getting chilly enough to wear it!

3. Cycle commuting in the dark and feeling like a badass.
Yes, it’s cold. Yes, it’s often windy and rainy and there’s a ton of debris in the road. But you get to break out the flashy lights and high vis and feel properly hardcore. Even better, being on a bike means that you’ll avoid the traffic jams!

4. Changing straight into your pjs when you get home.
Because, yknow, it’s dark… That’s enough of an excuse, right!? Especially after a chilly cycle commute and lovely hot shower…

5. Getting to see the sunrise on your runcommute.
Running at sunrise when the ground is still all frosty and the air is lovely and crisp and you’re wearing toasty base layers and gloves and your face is all cold? Best thing ever. Following it up with a big bowl of porridge at the office is definitely the one.

6. Starbucks, Costa, Nero…
Or in my case, Pret for a yummy orange hot chocolate! (Seriously, they’re the best. It made my day when I discovered that they were available year-round!) There’s something lovely about relaxing in a warm coffee shop with a tasty hot drink and my favourite people, watching the world go by outside. And if coffee shops aren’t your thing, grabbing a book and curling up on the sofa for a couple of hours is also an absolute win.

7. Crisp, cool parkruns.
Autumn is made for PBs! (Unless it’s windy, in which case, boo). But PB or no PB, parkrun is brilliant fun – and having a group of lovely people to run with always helps to get you out of bed when it’s cold and dark outside 😀

8. An excuse to buy more kit.
Fact: you can never have enough running or cycling kit. Or gym kit, for that matter. And a change in season means a change in wardrobe – which goes for your workout wardrobe too, right?… On top of that, I’m pretty sure that bright funky workout gear makes me run faster. Science, or something…

9. Empty(ish) gym changing rooms!
As the mornings get darker, the gym changing room crowds seem to thin out – which makes life SO MUCH EASIER. The last thing I need after a 6am workout is to navigate around half a dozen people so that I can get my stuff, have a shower and sort myself out for work. Aint nobody got time for that.

10. Slow cooking ALL THE THINGS.
Stews, casseroles, soups… What’s not to love!? They’re healthy, filling, low maintenance and they make your flat (or house!) smell amazing. Plus, dumplings.

– – –

Do you prefer summer or winter training? What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?


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