It’s marathon week!

I’ve run 235 training miles this year. 235!! And with just 3.1 more to go before the big day, I’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks giving in to the maranoia, and questioning whether I trained often enough, ran far enough, pushed myself as hard as I should have, whether my fuelling strategy will work and whether I should have done more cross training, more foam rolling, more strength work…

Realistically though, whilst my times have been a bit slower than last year, I’ve managed to stick to 3-4 runs a week, along with a weekly 2k swim, pilates, personal training sessions, spinning, cycle commutes, and even a few threshold and progression runs here and there. My recovery times are improving, and my body feels stronger, with none of the niggles I had to deal with last time round. It’s been a pretty epic few months!

There have been frosty run commutes:


Cold, dark, wet cycle commutes and muddy river runs:

darkwetmiles1Some of the long runs were TERRIBLE – torrential rain, strong winds, thunder and lightening during one – but some of them were also epic fun (with medals at the end!)

badgoodrun1Lots of miles were run alongside my favourite people, and were full of smiles, chatting and laughter:


There were moments I asked myself why on earth I was running at all, and moments that made me wish I could run every day:

awfulbrill1There were plenty of early-morning gym sessions where I desperately wanted to just crash out afterwards – and evening sessions where I did just that!

sleepearly1It’s been a bit of a mixed bag, and just like last year, a roller-coaster of emotions! But I can honestly say that I feel fairly well prepared for my marathon on Sunday. As for whether I get my target time, who knows? But I can definitely give it a good shot!

And at the end of the day, it’s PARIS – and the forecast is for glorious sunshine! If all else fails, I’ll stash a few macarons in my belt, enjoy the sights and have a bloody good time.

Who else is marathoning this weekend? Good luck, and ENJOY!




One thought on “It’s marathon week!

  1. Lucy, you have done amazingly well and thoroughly deserve your Paris ‘Finisher’s Medal’ next weekend. I will content myself with the Brighton Marathon 10k…. but who knows, maybe next year! I’m very proud of you… now you’re the inspiration!! Take care, happy running & enjoy. All my love, David xxdr

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