First ever weights workout!

I have puny arms. Like really, really puny arms. My legs, on the other hand, are solid. They can carry me for miles, and thanks to my quads and calves I generally have a serious issue getting into skinny jeans – but my arms? They even start to ache if I take too long to blowdry my hair.

I decided that this needed to be fixed. I’ve nailed the running (well, the doing it part) and the cross training (again, getting there!) but I’ve definitely neglected any form of strength training. Mainly because the weights area in the gym is full of really big people making funny noises, and I find it slightly intimidating.

Luckily, my boyfriend has a ton of weights at home, as well as all of the other bits and pieces to go with them:


I quite liked the gloves, though they were a bit big and my fingers kind of disappeared once I relaxed my hand.

My boyfriend kindly went through his usual routine with me, and guided me through either the same, or an equivalent exercise (obviously at a MUCH lower weight!) Through the session, we covered:

Pressups as a warmup. I managed .. Erm .. One and a half? (Baby steps ..)

Bicep curls I started with a tiny 1kg weight on the bar, which still felt pretty heavy – these exercises look so easy, but flipping heck, keeping your form over an entire set is HARD. In a word, I sucked at this – I couldn’t for the life of me keep my upper body still. I definitely need to work on this one.

Tricep extensions I did these seated, as I didn’t really trust myself with a big metal bar next to my head with my lack of arm strength. I stayed at a 1kg weight, and just focused on my form more than anything else (my elbows kept moving all over the place). I still felt it though!

Tricep Kickbacks This one I quite enjoyed, though instead of isolating the triceps I kept accidentally using my shoulder muscles; but by the second set (and with my boyfriend keeping my arm in the right place) I got the hang of it and managed to up the weight a bit to 2kg.

Hammer curls Again, I found these quite hard. I couldn’t isolate my upper arms, and found it hard to target the biceps – but I’m sure this one will get easier with practise.

Bent over row‘ I really liked this one, and managed to up the weight to 2.5kg. I guess my triceps and back are stronger than my (non-existent) biceps! My arms were definitely aching by this point.

In the end I managed 2 sets of 10-15 reps for each exercise, which I was pretty happy with for my first try 🙂 And we even finished things off with a plank session! I lasted 30 seconds. Again, I definitely need to do this more often.

Not sure how happy my muscles will be when I get to the pool tomorrow morning, but that’s another story! Maybe I’ll just swim without using my arms ..


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