One for the girls

My friend and I decided to stop off at Evans Cycles on the way home last night, for their ‘One for the Girls’ evening. The session included free nibbles, wine, a goodie bag, a talk on preparing for winter cycling, general advice and a 20% discount on clothes and accessories! What’s not to love!?

Given that my friend and I cycled there in the cold and the dark and the rain, we felt extremely justified in eating multiple cupcakes 😀 I actually felt like a proper cyclist, stood there in my cycling jacket, with my helmet in one hand and goodie bag in the other.

They had a mechanic and a few staff members on hand to answer questions, which for me was REALLY useful because I still know almost nothing about anything when it comes to cycling. I needed a spare inner tube and a puncture repair kit (yes, after 8 months of cycling I still hadn’t invested in either – I’ve either been extremely lucky, or have puncture-proof tyres ..) and I had no idea where to start.

I was hoping to just grab an all-in-one repair kit, but unluckily for me they only had the individual bits in stock. Turns out that all I needed was patches and a set of tyre levers. Simplest thing ever! I also got some chain oil – something I hadn’t considered when I got my bike, but will definitely help to maintain it. With all the rain, debris, and dirt .. Let’s just say that my bike has seen better days!

As far as the inner tube goes, I had no idea what size my tyre is (still don’t – and why it didn’t occur to me that I’d need that information, I don’t know) so will have to check that out and order online. Whilst I now miss out on the 20% discount that they offered last night, they included a £5 voucher in our goodie bags – so I still save money! Win!

They had a short demonstration on winter kit, and OMG, I wanted to buy ALL THE THINGS. Funky base layers (with a handy back pocket), bright buffs and gloves, cosy hats .. And I found a neon yellow helmet that was ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! (But I resisted, even when I then spotted a white and blue helmet that matched the road bike I’m currently in love with!!) And man, they had some GORGEOUS road bikes in store. They were offering a 10% discount on all bikes last night, but I managed to hold back. I’ve decided that I’m going to wait until the new year, and then get one .. But man, they were sooo preeetty!

For the shop, these kinds of events are absolute genius. Get a bunch of bike enthusiasts into a bike shop, show them all of the lovely things they can get (most of which, if a newbie like me, they’d never have even thought of), give them cake and wine and off they go!

Then again, it was also pretty awesome for me. Cake, wine, discounts, a goodie bag and a chance to ask stupid questions without feeling stupid? What more could a girl want!?

It was back down to reality this morning though. I was cycling through the town center (30mph limit), and pulled into the middle of the lane to pass a bus at a bus stop, as this was a 1-lane road with the bus on one side and a pedestrian island on the other. As I did, some idiot on a motorbike somehow managed to squeeze past me to overtake at about 40mph! Absolute moron!

I yelled at him, but all I got was a cursory glance over his shoulder before he put his foot down and disappeared.

But hey, I made it to work in one piece 🙂


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