A perfect morning for a run!

I ran to work this morning. It was BEAUTIFUL.

When I got up at 6h40, it was still dark. I had a banana and some water, layered up (long sleeve compression top as a base layer; short sleeve top over it; running jacket over that; neck warmer; long running tights; double-layer socks, and my running gloves), grabbed my stuff and headed out by 7am. According to the weather forecast, it was about 2 degrees this morning, with just a veeery slight breeze. Brilliant!

I ran the same route that I cycle, although with building work going on along the river path I had to go through town instead at the beginning. I then followed the normal route, along the main roads. Thing is, even though I cycle (and run) along a big 60mph A road, the views to either side are wonderful, as it cuts straight through the Surrey countryside. I got to see the sun rise:


This was at the top of the biggest hill on the route:


And, being so early, the roads were almost deserted. It was just me, the sun, the crisp Autumn air and some awesome music! Really, really peaceful 😀

I ran to the supermarket by the office, bought some lunch (got a few weird looks, but I was buzzing, so whatever!) and then walked the last half mile to the office to stretch out my legs. (That bit was FREEZING!) I ran 6.5 miles altogether; the Garmin auto-paused when I stopped (the footpath KEPT changing sides, so i had to cross the road about 5 or 6 times!), but I only walked when crossing roads, and ran the rest of the way. Including ALL of the hills – yay!

Then I got into the office, changed into thick leggings and a cosy jumper dress, and had a huge bowl of porridge. As I walked in (in my running gear) my colleagues asked if I ran the whole way here – and when I said yes, they all called me a crazy fool. I’ll take it 😀

All that I need now is a nap – but I guess that’ll have to wait!


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