Training through winter weather

I’m beyond impressed with my new cycling jacket. I really needed something good quality, wind proof, waterproof and breathable, in a bright colour – and this one delivers on all fronts. Every day that I’ve worn it this past week and a bit (through torrential rain, fog, drizzle, wind and frost), I’ve got to work (and back) dry and warm. Well, besides my ears, hands and toes! It’s made SUCH a difference.

I got the Altura Sirius Plus 2012 (long name for a jacket ..) as my friend has been using a similar Altura jacket in yellow, and has often commented on how warm and breathable it was. Hers was over £90, which I couldn’t really stretch to, so for months I made do with my Karrimor trail running jacket (not quite so waterproof!) But then I noticed that a bunch of jackets were reduced – and I ended up getting this one for under £50 (instead of £130!) Absolute win!

Given the way English winters tend to go, I’m SO glad I invested in such a sturdy jacket now – the weather’s just getting worse and worse. Apparently we’re predicted a fair bit of snow this year? Not sure I’m tough enough to cycle in that, but we’ll see .. Might have to find some thermal socks before then! 😀

I’ve been curious for a little while about how fast I cycle each day, and whether I’m getting faster or not (it definitely doesn’t feel like it, but who knows!) so I decided to record my commute with my Garmin this morning. It has an auto pause function, which is perfect for traffic jams and red lights, but it took a mile and a bit to get the GPS signal 😦 It managed to measure the last 5.5 miles, which isn’t too bad, and I apparently managed 4:57/mile! It saved it as a run though, which is going to skew my stats a little – haaa.

I actually really struggled this morning. I haven’t had a rest day since my 8-miler on Sunday – I think in future I’ll get the train on Mondays to give the legs a break – and as a result my quads were really burning for most of the way in. I swear, I nearly rolled backwards on the steeper bits (well ok, maybe not. But it felt like I might!) so to know that I still averaged over 12mph was really good to see! For me, at least. I know 12mph isn’t hugely fast in the grand scheme of things. I wonder if I can beat that speed on my way home this evening ..

Whilst I may not have had a rest day, I haven’t run since Sunday. I’m heading to the gym this evening for a weights session, and a little 20 minute jog to loosen the legs, and I’m aiming to run to work tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to see how I’m feeling, but I think it’ll be good! It’s going to be very cold again, but dry and not too windy, so with my cosy base layer the conditions should be perfect for an early morning run! It’ll be a good challenge, anyway 😀


3 thoughts on “Training through winter weather

  1. 11 miles is my commute to work. That’s what I meant by 11 miles is a weekend run for me, not a good commute to work kinda run. 🙂 It is a great bike commute.

  2. I’m Jealous. I’d love to run and bike to work all the time. I do bike to work in the warm and lighter months, and 11 miles is a weekend run for me. Keep up the awesome workouts and stay warm! That jacket sounds like you should be toasty all winter.

    • 11 miles is a really good distance! I can’t wait until I can run that far comfortably again 🙂 Double digits feels like such a pivotal moment in long distance training 🙂 How far do you have to commute?

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