It’s been a crazy week!

So, a few things have happened since I last posted.

A hurricane hit England – starting in the South West, where I happened to be staying (on the Cornish coast). The best bit? Mum and I hid ourselves away in the cosy little pub we were staying in (fantastic little place, with brilliant food, and the staff were SO LOVELY!) whilst the wind picked up and the rain hammered down. Our room was right under the thatch roof, with little fairy lights around the windows. We watched Downton Abbey, drank tea and ate chilli crisps and twice our weight in chocolate! Perfect 🙂

I drove all the way to, around, and back from Cornwall with no problems (over 100 miles each way) – and failed my driving test the next day. Nerves got the better of me, and my examiner was apparently having a bit of a bad day, and marked me a little harshly (i.e. if he’d marked the fault as minor, rather than major, I would have passed). It’s done, I’ve rebooked, and as my brother so awesomely put it, I’ll smash it next time. Positive thoughts! At least I nailed the theory test 🙂

My journey back from the South West on Monday evening was absolutely naffed up as a result of the crazy weather. My first train (at 5pm – hooours after the trains started running again) was fine; my second train was an hour and a half late, and then delayed on the platform, and finally delayed outside of Reading when we got stuck behind a slow train. I then missed my third and final train by 1 minute and 58 seconds (well, 1 hour, 1 minute and 58 seconds, technically – this was the second train that I had planned to catch after missing my original one by miles). They then changed the platform 5 times, alternating between 2 on opposite ends of the station. By this point it was nearly 11pm, and absolutely freezing. Though going back and forth and up and down stairs warmed me up a little, and passed the time! I got onto the last train back to Guildford, only for it to be stuck on the platform for ten minutes. I eventually got home at 00:25; 2 hours and 10 minutes later than planned. I imagine this had something to do with the less than stellar performance during my driving test, which I booked (with an hour of practise beforehand) for 10:14 the next morning. 6 hours of sleep does not a fantastic driver make!

I had my first pitch black cycle home last night. Luckily, I was following my friend, as my front light is far too weak, and I could barely see a thing – very disconcerting on a 60mph A road! Luckily I’ve found a stronger one (I hope), which I ordered today. But wow, cycling on main roads in the dark is WEIRD. Everything looks so different! I think I might start running home instead ..

Talking of running, I did something a bit nuts this afternoon. I don’t know what came over me .. All I can say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time!

I’ve been thinking about Brighton, and my fundraising goal for Macmillan. I mean, so many people run marathons nowadays. A marathon might be a massive challenge and an amazing achievement (I don’t think anyone can argue with that), but I felt like I should be doing something MORE.

So I kind of entered this:

It takes place 6 weeks after Brighton, which (in theory) gives me time to recover, and build up again. Given that Brighton is going to be my first marathon, I completely accept that there’s no guarantee that I’ll manage this – or even complete Brighton. But I like a challenge.

So (I hope) .. I’ll be running both Brighton and Richmond Marathons for Macmillan next year. 2 marathons, 6 weeks. That’s my challenge, and raising money and awareness for Macmillan is my goal!

Here’s to the journey 🙂

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