Early morning motivation

I’ve decided that I need a bit more accountability for morning sessions – otherwise, it’s all too easy to turn off the alarm and go back to sleep for an hour. Especially when I know I’m cycling 7 miles to the office and 7 miles back – that makes up for missing a run, right?

Not exactly. So, whilst my training plan has had to be reshuffled a tad due to other commitments, making it hard to get into a routine, my next run is tomorrow morning. 7am, at the gym, for 5-6 miles. It doesn’t matter how fast, but I have to get out of bed and get running. I KNOW I’ll feel great once I have – it’s just that initial push out of the door that I’m struggling with!

So I’m now officially accountable. If I don’t run tomorrow morning, there are plenty of people who’ll know about it – and that should be enough to get my sleepy self out of bed!


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