I’m a lazy toad!

Wow, it’s been a while!

I don’t really have any excuses. I could say work got busy; I moved house (well, flat ..) or that I got ill .. But I have to be honest, the real reason was just laziness. After the first week or so with no running, it got harder and harder to get back out there. And it really doesn’t help that I froze my gym membership – that just meant that once I knew I’d struggle when I got back out there, I didn’t then have the option of the treadmill instead! There’s also the fact that I always feel really heavy and sluggish and blah when I don’t run (which doesn’t inspire me to get the lycra out!)

My MacMillan fundraising/training pack for Brighton Marathon arrived the other day:

And this got me excited all over again for next year. I’ve entered a few races in the meantime, to give myself a bit of a kick up the bum – I have Bushy Park 10k in a couple weeks (which was my first – and only – official 10k run, this time last year!), and then two half marathons in early 2014. The first is Exeter, which I ran earlier this year in the pouring rain for a creme egg; and Surrey, which is a brand new half marathon (exciting!) and very nearly follows my route to work and back. It’ll be fun to run it on closed roads this time (and head home for a hot shower afterwards) rather than actually running to work! I’m excited to work at beating my old PBs!

It’s weird how my motivation goes up and down. When I can’t run – either due to illness, injury, or being ridiculously busy – I reeeally want to. I see other runners, and feel SO jealous that I’m not running, too. This is especially true when I pass runners on my cycle in to work! The thing is, once I get the opportunity to run, I somehow always end up procrastinating or avoiding it. I think it gets worse the longer I don’t run – the pressure builds, the training plan gets emptier and emptier, my fitness goes down, and in the meantime I read running blogs and forums and KNOW that loads of other runners are building some great base mileage (and that I reeeally should be).

I’ve decided that it’s time to get back on track. Whilst cycling 14 miles a day, 5 days a week is great exercise, it’s not a substitute for running – and I shouldn’t tell myself that it is! The humid, muggy weather is over, the cooler autumn days are closing in (my favourite season to run, hands down), and it’s getting close to the beginning of my official marathon training schedule. The problems I had last year really showed me how important it is to build up base mileage before the serious training starts, and I know that I definitely need to get as many miles in my legs as possible.

I think I need to introduce some consequences for missed sessions – maybe I should stick my training plan on the fridge, and for every missed run I have to go a day without chocolate or something. (Ouch). I’ll have to get the boyfriend to keep tabs – it’s past time to get a little tougher on myself!

The most ironic thing is that I know once I’m running again, I’ll wonder why I ever stopped. I need to remind myself how much fun it is!

Onwards and upwards!


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