Mr Darcy: 1, running: 0

Predictably, my run didn’t happen this morning. The BBC version of Pride and Prejudice was SO long that I didn’t get home until gone 1am, and there was no way I was joining my friends for a 10 miler at 7am on just a few hours sleep! It was so worth it, though. The BBC version is SO much more awesome than the movie version. Colin Firth is a perfect Darcy!

Somehow, my friends still managed to force themselves out for the whole 10 miles (though they walked some of it, which is about the only thing that makes me feel anywhere near ok about missing it).

I was going to go this afternoon, but I’ve been on the go all day, doing really important and necessary things like buying new nail polish and painting my nails:

nails(I’m nothing if not indecisive)

On the running side of things, I ordered an arm band yesterday for my android. It was due to arrive on Monday, but turned up today:

caseThanks for the speedy delivery, Amazon!

I’m really looking forward to trying it out tomorrow morning. The reviews were pretty good; the only issue people had was that it was a little tricky to get the phone into the pocket. Whilst the fit is slightly snug, I didn’t have any trouble getting the phone in, so I’m happy! The case is made out of neoprene, so it’s really lovely and soft and smooth to the touch, with almost no seams in contact with my skin. It also has 2 holes for the strap, meaning it can be adjusted for a wide range of arm sizes. The little key pocket is a bonus!

I’ll let you know how it does on my ten miler tomorrow. No excuses, this time – I’m going to drink lots of water, have a decent dinner and get to bed nice and early this evening. It’s a little cooler today, which means it’s not as unbearably stuffy in here as it has been (so I shouldn’t have trouble sleeping), and I’m hoping to be out by 7am!

I can’t let my friends show me up, especially as I’m the one that made them sign up for the half marathon .. My competitive side is going to come in handy when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning 😀

What running do you have planned for the weekend?

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