And the training begins!

I was supposed to do my first post-holiday training run on Tuesday. Last Tuesday, actually. But in true Lucy fashion, I came up with a ton of excuses (some were kiiind of valid) to do anything BUT run. And the longer I put it off, the less I wanted to get back out there, because I knew it would be tough and uncomfortable and frustrating.

But when my friend (the one who ran her first 5k recently) managed to run the 6(ish) miles to work on Tuesday, my competitive side gave me the kick in the bum that I needed. Running was my thing – I didn’t want a colleague or friend or anyone else to overtake me! Especially one that I was supposed to be helping to train for a half marathon that I made her sign up for! (Just FYI, wine is an awesome incentive).

I never really considered myself to be hugely competitive, but I guess sometimes I can get pretty bad. You should see me at Parkrun! In fact, thinking about it, I was even doing it during our 31 mile hike across Exmoor – picking people off on the way round. And that wasn’t even a race. Sigh.

Anyway, it jolted me into gear. Today, the scheduled training run was 5 miles. I cycled to work as usual, tried out a pilates class at lunch (which was actually brilliant, though my core strength is non existent), cycled home, and then went to the gym with said friend, determined to at least get a 5k in.

20 minutes on the treadmill and I wanted to stop. I was bored, my chest hurt, and with the gym lacking any sort of air conditioning, I was sweating buckets. Yay, gym. I was also flipping hungry, which wasn’t great motivation to do any sort of exercise at all!

Thing is, my competitive nature came out again. The girl on the treadmill next to me (who started around the same time) was still going, so of course I couldn’t stop. Then she finished her workout and left, but I was so close to 5k by that point that I figured I might as well go for a little bit longer. But when I hit 5k, the time wasn’t a round number, so I figured I should carry on just until the minutes ended with a 5 or 0. (Silly, I know. You should see the excuses I come up with NOT to run ..)

Then someone else got on the treadmill next to me. My friend decided to go and do some other bits, so I told her I’d just be another 15-20 minutes. She agreed, and I carried on going. Thing is, so did the girl next to me .. So of course I couldn’t bail! It got to 50:43 minutes and my friend got back, but it wasn’t a round number, and I was so close to the hour mark, and the girl was still running next to me, so I had to keep going just a bit more.

The girl bailed around 56 minutes (GET IN), and by then it seemed silly not to do the extra 4 minutes to hit the hour mark. I mean, what’s 4 minutes after 56, right?

So I ran for an hour 🙂 It wasn’t the fastest or most comfortable run of my life (especially after cycling and pilates) but whilst I was there, I realised that I really do love running. It makes me happy, and I’m excited to have gotten back into it. I’ll probably still have trouble motivating myself to get out there, but at least now I know that I haven’t lost ALL of my fitness.

Yay running!


2 thoughts on “And the training begins!

  1. […] the end, I finished with a sports band total of 11.11 miles (you can guess where that extra 1.11 came from). I was really pleased (and surprised), as I didn’t use a single sports gel – I had a […]

  2. […] the end, I finished with a sports band total of 11.11 miles (you can guess where that extra 1.11 came from). I was really pleased (and surprised), as I didn’t use a single sports gel – I had a […]

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