Back to running

It’s always daunting coming back to running after a while away. Fitness disappears so quickly, and it’s frustrating having to start from scratch when just a few weeks ago, an hour run was no problem at all. I’m not even sure I could run a 10k right now, and definitely not comfortably!

Whilst motivation has always been a challenge for me, even at the height of my marathon training, finding the motivation to get out there when I’ve spent the past three weeks doing anything BUT run makes it even harder to push myself out of the door! On the other hand, it is easy to bury my head in the sand and pretend my half marathons are still ages away.

Truth is, they’re really not – and after my first half marathon, I told myself that the next time round I would make sure I ran a good few 10+ milers in preparation. When I ran Exeter half, it was my longest run to date, and I’d only managed a couple of double-digit training runs beforehand – and as a result, my performance really suffered. I found it extremely difficult, and finished in a much slower time than I had anticipated.

I got a parcel today that arrived at the best possible time:

BRIGHTONMy Brighton Marathon technical t-shirt!

.. Yeeeah, I’ve also been ignoring the whole ‘I signed up for a full marathon’ thing ..

It’s time to print off the training plan, get my running kit together and stop with the excuses. I’m well and truly recovered from Saturday’s hike, and cycling to work and back each day without too many problems (slight knee niggles, but that’s just a combination of my seat being too low and my knees having had over two weeks off from any form of exercise!)

So it’s off to the gym tomorrow for a slow and easy 5k .. And onwards and upwards from there. No more missed training runs!

PLANPretty colours can make anything fun!

The silly thing is, whilst I dread getting going again, I know that once I’m back into the swing of things I’ll enjoy running. It’s just a matter of reminding myself that I can and do enjoy it, and it doesn’t always make me feel like keeling over! (Then again, I’m probably in for more of the latter for the first week or two ..)

Here we go again!




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