A parkrun PB and a rainy commute

Wow, it’s been a while since I posted! Where does the time go!?

In all honesty, I haven’t had much time for running over the past week or so (though I feel like I kind of made up for it by beating my parkrun PB by over 3 minutes last weekend!!!) I even ran home afterwards, pushing it to 4 miles – which was that weekend’s long run! Yay!

My weekends are going by crazy fast! On the training front, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things from Wednesday, with a 4 mile treadmill session. I’ve missed far too many runs lately.

On Thursday I have a free biomechanical running analysis (normally £125)! I’m really excited about this, as the physio told me that my running posture is the reason my shin has been hurting – hopefully I can get some tips on how to improve it, and finally speed up without a burning pain in my foot/shin! (Can always hope).

I chickened out on a couple of cycles home last week, due to ridiculous wind speeds – 24mph, at one point! Today, despite the winds creeping up to 18mph, I decided that as the sun was out, I would brave it. I headed off, and everything was fine until a few miles down the road. The skies started to cloud over and go a little grey, but I didn’t really let it bother me as I was on my way home, anyway.

A couple miles from home, the heavens opened. Great timing, too – I’d just gone under the A3 underpass (i.e. shelter from the rain!) and the light at the junction just beyond it chose that moment to go red. Given that it’s a huge junction with 3 sets of traffic lights, I was stuck there for a looong time, surrounded by commuters in their nice cosy cars whilst discovering that my trail running jacket wasn’t exactly waterproof. Sigh.

rain1Absolutely SOAKED, and my poor shoes are now on the radiator!
The jacket may take a little longer to dry ..

The lights finally turned green and I turned right, onto the main road .. Directly into an 18mph head-on wind. Turns out that torrential rain is even LESS fun when blown into your face! To make it even better, the rain turned to hail for the last half mile.

I’ll admit, I did start laughing at one point. In situations like that, you just have to!

The sunny weather was so promising, too ..

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