Skating in the sunshine

I’ve been fairly healthy the past few days. A friend introduced me to a new Android app – ‘My Fitness Pal’ – which calculates how many calories you should have each day to maintain/lose weight. You have to enter everything you eat, and all of the exercise you do, which makes it a great source of motivation for healthy eating as you instantly feel guilty if your calories go too high! Cycling to work is awesome though, because by the time I get to my desk, the cycle has cancelled out my breakfast! More snacks for me!

For the past few days I’ve been having low-fat vanilla yoghurt and sliced strawberries for breakfast. It’s light, tasty and low calorie – a brilliant combo!

I mean, I do love my porridge/toast, but if I have either of those, I inevitably add honey or peanut butter (to the porridge and toast respectively), which aren’t particularly forgiving on the calories/sugar front.

As a slight contrast, this has been a bit (!) of a burger weekend so far. Yesterday evening my boyfriend and I went out for dinner, and somehow I found myself with a reeeally tasty burger and mojito:

Best combo ever – I’d forgotten how much I love a good mojito. Sooo much lime .. Yum!

Today, the two of us and a couple of friends decided to make the most of the glorious sunshine and headed into London, to skate in Hyde Park. With it being a) sunny and b) marathon weekend, there were tons of people about – and even more than usual because of an event called the ‘420’. I didn’t know anything about it, so was extremely confused when the guy behind the till at M&S mentioned he was heading to Hyde Park to smoke pot this afternoon, and was that why I was going, too?

I assumed he was already a little high, if I’m honest. But it turns out that it was a perfectly valid question – ‘420’, I learnt is the police code for pot smokers, and every April 20th (4/20) hundreds of people congregate in Hyde Park to smoke pot, listen to music and generally chill out. Unfortunately, this meant that every now and then a waft of pot smoke would drift past us, which was disgusting .. But the fun we had skating was definitely worth it!

I hadn’t actually skated since I was back in school, so I was a little rusty (read: wobbly and hazardous to pedestrians) at first:

But with a little help (ok, a lot) from my boyfriend and friends, I was skating along quite comfortably by the end. They tried to teach me to ‘t-stop’, but I didn’t quite master it – instead, I found a much better alternative: Stop moving my legs, and slowly roll towards whichever friend was closest, hoping they would either not notice me (the preferable option, as I was then able to grab their backpack and stop entirely) or catch me (which, to be fair, also made me stop moving .. when they actually agreed to catch me, that is).

.. I’m assuming this is why they took it upon themselves to actively teach me to stop in a variety of different ways that didn’t involve me rolling into inanimate objects or living things.

What can I say? I’m creative!

And here’s the expert! (Though I clearly look more professional ..)

After nearly three hours of skating (I’m pleased to say I didn’t fall over once!), we headed to an American diner near Euston station, for American burgers and milkshakes. I caved and went for the cheeseburger, which was delicious! In true American style, the portions were really generous (awesome!) and they served my milkshake in the metal jug that they made it in, and gave me a glass on the side – I got 2 and a half servings!

Needless to say, I’ve not filled in today’s calorie count. Maybe I’ll start over with the app on Monday ..

I’m beginning to think I should probably squeeze in a run tomorrow.

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