Back on the running scene – Race for Life!

My quads are reeeally unhappy with me right now. I’ve just begun to get used to cycling 12 miles a day – though the weather hasn’t helped! 19mph winds are hell to cycle into, and somehow my friend and I end up cycling into the wind both on the way there and on the way home!? The Universe is clearly trying to tell me something ..

Half marathon training has started this week in earnest. This time I’m taking it slowly and building up very gradually (my friend and I still have 20 weeks before our half, and I have 18 weeks until another half I signed up for), but whilst I’ve shortened the length of the weekday runs I’ve added a fourth each week. In theory, we’ll do 1 interval session, 1 recovery run, 1 tempo run, and 1 long run. This week, all of them are 30 mins/3 miles, so hopefully my legs won’t hate me too much!

Yesterday I got home, swapped my bike for my running gear and headed out 10 minutes later on a 3 miler along the river. It was cool, sunny and not too windy (I’m beginning to think the wind waits until I get on my bike to pick up!) and the views were gorgeous:


I’ll admit, I didn’t take this picture yesterday (I took it another evening). I never take my phone on my runs. I kind of want to though, as I use my longer runs as an excuse to explore the surrounding countryside, and Surrey offers some looovely scenery. I’ll have to dig out my arm band!

So, back to the unhappy quads. A while back, when I went to the physio about my shin/foot pain I was told I needed to strengthen my knees (along with a number of other things). One of the exercises I was recommended was 1-legged squats. For some reason, last night it seemed like a really good idea to do normal AND 1-legged squats. The problem is, I was reading my Kindle as I did them, and lost track .. I ended up doing 100 normal squats, 50 1-legged squats on each leg, and then 50 calf raises. My legs didn’t hurt at the time (except for during the calf raises – they’re killer! Who knew!?), but flipping heck, cycling into 19mph winds all the way home this evening made my quads constantly burn. And they’re still aching!!

Serves me right I guess!

On the plus side, the knee pain that flared up recently was much better today. It’s hard to say whether the exercises did any good though, as I also slathered my knees in anti-inflammatory gel (which I think they probably appreciated more!!)

On the topic of 3-mile runs, our team’s race packs arrived today for Race for Life! Exciting! It’s been far too long since I had a race number:

For those of you not from the UK, Race for Life is an annual women-only 5/10k running event to raise money for cancer research. In an act of shameless self promotion, if any of you lovely people want to donate to a good cause, please support our team through our sponsorship page here!

I also spontaneously signed up for a 10k this Saturday, thinking I had an extra week .. But then I was invited to go rollerblading in Hyde Park. 10k undulating trail run, or skating in Hyde Park? Given we’re predicted sunshine over the weekend, I think London might just win that one .. I’m such a fickle runner.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy an evening of doing no exercise whatsoever. And I should probably make myself foam roll properly – though I don’t think I’ll enjoy that quite so much!


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