This week hasn’t been my healthiest week ever. Whilst I’ve only just started to work my way through my Easter chocolate, I’ve been doing a pretty good job of indulging in other ways!

For Mum’s birthday (excuse #1), we went to an amazing Italian restaurant in Covent garden. I was forced by both parents to have a dessert, which they promised to help me with. (For future reference, 1 measly spoonful does NOT consitute as helping when the dessert in question is an icecream sundae as big as my face.)

For a friend’s birthday, we went to TGI’s. The meal itself was pretty unhealthy, but SOOO TASTY! I had the French Canadian burger, with bacon and melted brie, and it was the tastiest burger I’ve ever had! As it was for another birthday, it would’ve been rude not to have cake. And the cake was insane – a black forest gateau, pirate style – with chocolate chips and various bits of candy (I cringe at how American that sounds, but the cake was devised by an American, and that was how they worded it .. and it seems wrong to word it another way!)

Yesterday evening, my boyfriend and I had a rare evening together, and decided to have dinner at ASK. I discovered the tastiest salad EVER (in all honesty, it was more salmon than salad) which was about the healthiest I had been all week. For dessert, I might’ve indulged in a small mocha, and a chocolate and almond cake .. It was a teeny slice, but as before, I was left to eat all but a tiny spoonful of it myself.

To be fair, I’ve been cycling 12 miles a day all week, and I made it to the gym on Tuesday for a 40 minute run! Talking of running, today I went to my first ever (5k) parkrun. It was so good! The sun was shining, it was crisp and fresh, and 3 uphills meant plenty of downhill, too! 

I took it easy, finishing in 35:49, as I’ve been slacking on my outdoor runs recently. My age group ranking was 41.32%, and I was the 38th female finisher; 121/138, overall. When they emailed me my result, I got really excited for a second:

Congratulations on completing your 1st parkrun and your 1st at Guildford today. You finished in 121st place and were the 38th lady out of a field of 138 parkrunners and you came 1st in your age category SW20-24.’

.. Turns out, I was the only person in that particular age category. Boo!

I’m excited to make it a regular thing, and to work on getting my PB down to sub-30, and then hopefully sub-25! 

I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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