Lean, mean commuting machine!

Today I picked up my new bike, and it’s gooorgeous! I didn’t appreciate just how slim and light a hybrid bike would be, and I’m really impressed!

My lean, mean, commuting machine!

Of course I went out and bought the usual accessories, too. I found a decent helmet and a bike lock (which weighs nearly as much as the bike .. or felt like it, anyway!) I also invested in a reflective sticker sheet – by that, I mean the stickers haven’t been pre-cut, so you get to cut out custom shapes. I added a strip to each side of the helmet – you can see one on the left-hand side in the picture above.

Whilst I tried to be sensible, and just buy the essentials at a price that wasn’t too high, a little something caught my eye and I had to get it:

Flourescent, reflective smiley face stickers !!

Aren’t they awesome!? I just need to figure out where to stick them. I’m thinking helmet, so far, but that doesn’t seem very creative! I’ll have to experiment ..

I had no idea there were so many awesome accessories I could get for my bike! It’s a good thing I got it in the sale, because I can see myself spending lots of money over the next few weeks. Self control, I have not.

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