Goodbye, winter – hello .. snow!?

When I signed up for the marathon, we were getting towards the summer and it seemed like a great idea. I figured that whilst I would be training through the winter, once the miles got really high the weather would be getting better and better, and my last few runs – given they would be done in the spring – might even be kind of nice.

Now obviously last weekend’s long run went entirely against that reasoning, and was awful (torrential rain, biting wind, mud ..) but I thought nah, this weekend is officially a few days into spring, so the weather should at least be reasonable. And we’ve had a couple of lovely crisp, sunny days this week, so it was looking promising!

But when I looked out of my window this morning, what did I see?

Heavy snow.

I’m not even kidding – it’s white outside, and still coming down heavily.

Welcome to spring!

I think I might be doing my long run at the gym this afternoon – 9/10 miles, short break on the bike, then another 9/10 miles. I’m going to need to rework my running playlist – 3.5 hours is a looot of music.

I just can’t imagine being at the gym for that long .. Though it’s better than slowly freezing on my own out in the snow, I suppose!

Then again, there’s always tomorrow.


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