Week in Review 25/02

After my physio appointment at the beginning of last week, I decided to take it easy with my mid-week training. I did two lunchtime bike sessions and one evening jog on the treadmill (each workout 20 minutes) as I hadn’t run properly in nearly a week.

On Saturday I went back to the gym for my medium run, as I figured it would be easier to work on my posture on a smooth, flat treadmill than outside (that, and it was really cold!) I managed a comfortable 10k at a 1% incline. That run kind of boosted my confidence, as I had managed to overcome the shin pain – pushing my shoulders back and leaning back slightly eased the pressure on that foot. Phew!

When I woke up on Sunday and my legs felt pretty good, I decided to bite the bullet and give my long run a go. I was due 15 miles, but as I had missed the 14 miler the weekend before, I decided to aim for 14 instead. I headed out at 3pm, and the weather was awful – it was trying to snow, and there was a strong, biting wind. Being the genius that I am, I forgot to wear my hat (though I did wear gloves and a neck-warmer – 2 out of 3 isn’t bad!)

Given the niggles I’d had over the past couple weeks I decided to forgo my new longer route, and instead did 3.5 loops of my medium route (about 4.5 miles). This meant that if I had any problems, I wouldn’t need to hobble very far to get home! I did stop off after the first loop to refill my water bottle and grab a gel (I carried a second gel with me for the rest of the run) but after that it was fairly continuous. By the third loop I started to flag, as my thighs began to really ache – the upper outside edges of both thighs (by the ITB), which was a really tricky area to try and stretch out on the go! I did give it a good try, though .. I’ve lost count of the positions I worked myself into to try and ease the ache (and the consequent looks I received from innocent pedestrians).

I averaged out at an 11 mile pace, and finished at 14.3 miles. The last couple miles were extremely uncomfortable, as my pace had slowed, the temperature had dropped and the wind had picked up .. But I made it home in one piece and enjoyed the world’s longest, hottest shower – always my favourite part of a long run 😀

Total weekly mileage: 22.5
Weeks to go until Brighton: 8

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