Week in Review 18/02

A day late, I know! This week hasn’t quite gone to plan on the training front, unfortunately. I started off well, managing to fit in both my short and medium runs, as well as a cycle at the gym .. But I attempted my long run twice yesterday – once in the morning, once in the evening – and the pesky burning shin pain flared up both times, leaving me no choice but to walk home after less than a mile 😦

The short run was meant to be 4 miles, but I ended up doing 4.4. It was veeery cold but dry, and felt alright apart from a slight niggle in my shin/foot.

The medium run was 6 miles, and I managed 6.2. This one wasn’t great, as I felt a bit out of sorts and ended up running it rather slowly, though I didn’t have any walking breaks, so that’s something!
So my weekly mileage worked out as 10.8, and I missed a 14-miler. Ouch. On the up side, I have an appointment booked with a physio this week to get that stupid foot/leg sorted out (I hope!!) In the meantime, it’ll be lunchtime cycling at the gym for me, and daily sessions with the foam roller. Boo. Fingers crossed.

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