Week in Review 04/03

I’ll start this by saying that last week was a bit of a fail on the running front. I’m now starting to slightly panic, as the marathon is NEXT MONTH. (How did that happen!?)

It started off ok, as I got to the gym on Tuesday evening for a 3 miler (it was meant to be 5, but I figured I would make up for it with the Wednesday club run). Unfortunately training sort of trailed off after that as I came down with a cold. I didn’t feel up to the club run Wednesday as I was headachey, tired and blocked up – ditto for Thursday, which was meant to be my medium run day (8 miles). I considered doing the 8 miler on Friday, but steak and wine at Cafe Rouge seemed like a better idea at the time. I then decided that I would do my long run Saturday, but didn’t feel great and had lots to do, so it didn’t happen.


Just look at that steak .. Can you really blame me?

Sunday was meant to be my 16-miler day, and the evening before I was still planning to run it .. But I woke up on Sunday morning and the cold had got worse, I felt stuffy-headed, headachey, weak and slightly dizzy. I ended up spending the day huddled up in my big slouchy jumper, drinking hot drinks and watching Project Runway. (Not the most productive of days, I admit!)

Looking at the training plan, it’s pretty bad timing, as I only have 3 more long runs scheduled between now and tapering. My previous long run (and longest to date) is only 14.3 miles, but I’ve worked out that I can still hit a 20 miler if I adjust the plan a little. I’ve decided to add in a weekly 3 miler recovery run after the medium run, just to get some more time on my feet as I’ve failed miserably to keep up my mileage recently and don’t fancy jumping to an uber-long run without building up to it properly during the week! I’m also going to change my remaining long runs to 16.5, 18.5 and 20 miles (instead of 17, 18, 19).

I’m still not feeling great, and the cold seems to be getting worse reeeally slowly – I hope it clears up soon! Luckily this evening is my first pilates session, rather than a scheduled run, so it should be a good way to stretch out my muscles and prepare my body for the week ahead (that, or break myself – I’ve not really tried pilates before!)

This week’s training includes a 5-miler on Tuesday, (possibly) a club run Wednesday, a 3-mile recovery run on Thursday, rest day on Friday and long run on Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Total weekly mileage: Not worth mentioning
Weeks to go until Brighton: 6 (!!)

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